Who is Bandit Tees?

A small online apparel store that I named after my furry best friend. Bandit is our faithful and lovable furry family member. She is a large white and orange smooth collie mix. I named our little spot on the internet after her just because.

Bandit enjoys sunroof rides

Other than an outlet for my devotion to our furry princess, Bandit, these are just catchy and sometime humorous sayings or thoughts that I have put into shirt or other apparel form. As you will probably tell by some of our shirts, we believe in liberty in our household and if this isn’t your cup of tea, so be it, I will not try to force liberty down your throats. I will sell liberty minded apparel though to those that like it. We are going to strive to insure that our products are American made and printed as well and if something isn’t, we will not hide the fact from you to make an extra buck, unfortunately some products are limited in availability of American made and will strive though to replace those with American when available.